10 Co-workers That Everyone Will Recognise

10 Co-workers That Everyone Will Recognise

The Technophobe

We all have our foibles, but this coworker takes it to a new extreme with their level of technological incompetence. Bane of the IT support staff, they’ve just gotten the hang of email. Thinks Instagram is a place in the Netherlands. Probably still uses a Nokia.

The Digital Nomad

With a Facebook feed full of mountain hikes, foreign foods and beachfront selfies, we forgot this co-worker even worked for the company. They turn up periodically, often tanned, with what seems like the sole purpose of making you question your own career decisions.

The Office Party Animal

Quiet by day, raucous by night, this is the co-worker that tends to get a little ‘over the top’ during work drinks. Responsible for escalating the ‘quick beer after work’ to full blown tequila shots, karaoke and regrettable selfies. Probably works in accounting.

The Inbox Killer

If you have 100 emails in your inbox, 85+ will be from this co-worker, whose daily flood of one-line emails will end us all. A known fan of the ‘reply to all’ button.

The Office Romance

Will they, won’t they? Are they, aren’t they? Is it a fireable offence!? We just don’t know... but it’s nice to have a bit of heat and intrigue to distract us onlookers from the daily grind.

The Lunch Stealer

It doesn’t matter how passive aggressively you label your lunch, this most heinous of co-workers will steal it anyway. We keep asking ourselves why they would do such a terrible thing… we can only assume it’s for the thrill.  

The Jargon-ator

Known for their blue sky thinking, or ability to think outside of the box, this coworker is always happy to touch base and discuss things of a nontrivial manner. We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet when we say we wish they would circle back to the idea of forward thinking silence.

The ‘Creative’

We’re not entirely sure what this coworker does, but we know it’s ‘creative’. We know they are ‘creative’ mostly because they make fashion choices we would never think to but pull it off so well.

The Powerpoint Wizard

What can be said in two-line email, or brief verbal exchange, can also be said in an all-singing all-dancing Powerpoint presentation, complete with superfluous graphs and animations. And an embedded YouTube video or TEDTalk. Was probably labeled a ‘visual learner’ earlier in life.

The Non-Boss

This boss doesn’t want you to think of them as a ‘boss’, but as an equal (or worse, a ‘friend’). We still think of them as a boss. Probably wears jeans and/or trainers around the office.

Written by Grace Waters

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