5 Things To Do When You're Feeling Stuck

5 Things To Do When You're Feeling Stuck

Let’s face it, knowing what you want to do with your life is hard. Hours spent wondering whether butcher, baker or candlestick maker is right for you can easily land one in a state of paralysis analysis. To unstick yourself and get to grips with what paths you might like to explore, check out these quick exercises -- bon voyage on your journey of self-exploration!

No, not because it’s time to throw the towel in! What would you want your obituary to say in an ideal world? What did you do? What impact did you have? How are you remembered?

If you lived your ideal life, what would an average, day-to-day kind of day look like? Where would you be? Who would be there? What would you do?

What activity makes them time pass quickly and enjoyably? What do you get lost in?

Does your next 6 months look wildly unachievable… or actually potentially doable? Our dreams live and die in our own heads. Fear of failure should never be sufficient to stop you trying something you feel passionate about. If you’re scared, de-risk the process. Try it out on a small scale first and see what happens!

What problems rile you up? Why do they make you angry? How would you solve the problem? What does it say about you that you focused on this problem?

Written by Grace Waters

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