5 Visions For The Future of Living

5 Visions For The Future of Living

Bosco Verticale, Milan
Milan’s “green forest” is made up of two skyscrapers containing as many trees as could be planted in a hectare of forest. Born from a desire to combine high-density residential living with tree planting in urban centres, this novel approach to sustainability hopes to see the building’s thousands of trees, shrubs and flowers depollute the city air.

Image credit: dezeen.com

3D Print Urban Cabin, Amsterdam
Created by DUS Architects, Amsterdam is home to a 3D printed eight-square-metre cabin (and accompanying bathtub!). Created with a sustainable bio-plastic, the micro-home intends to show how additive manufacturing can offer solutions for temporary housing or disaster relief. The majority of the materials used to make the cabin can be reused when the structure is destroyed.

Image credit: Ossip via dezeen.com

WerkBundStadt, Berlin
To be built on a former oilfield tank, WerkBundStadt is designed to be a “dense socially and functionally mixed live-work city”, built upon green spaces and sustainability. It will have 1,000 units, of which will be 330 rent controlled.

Image credit: inhabitat.com

Ocean Spiral, Japan
Japanese construction company Shimizu Corp. have announced plans for this sustainable underwater eco-city. Ocean Spiral aims to solve 5 current world crises surrounding food, water, energy, CO2 and natural resources by capitalising on the deep sea’s resources.

Image credit: shimz.co.jp

The Collective Old Oak, London
The Collective are offering Londoners an entirely new way of living with their Old Oak development, the world’s largest co-living space. Comprised of self-contained studio apartments and amazing shared facilities, Old Oak offers its members onsite amenities like a gym, restaurant and bar, games room and launderette. Members also have access to daily activities and events, from yoga to live music, and film nights to guest speaker series.  

Written by Grace Waters

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