8 Housemates Everyone Will Recognise

8 Housemates Everyone Will Recognise

The good, the bad and the ugly -- you’ve definitely lived with one or all of these housemates.

The Neat Freak

For some, cleaning is a chore to be put off until the last possible moment. Plates left in the sink, artifacts of life left on the floor -- such things are an inevitable by-product of a life lived well. Not for the neat freak, whose microscopic eyesight will detect a stray grain of rice from a mile away. Often seen tidying, straightening, wiping or unconvincingly trying to appear fine with the way you’ve loaded the dishwasher (they’ll be back for that once you’ve gone to bed).

It’s a love-hate relationship with the neat freak, but ultimately we like having them around.

The Eco-Warrior

Like, did you know that if you turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth you can save between 12-18 litres of water? These are the sorts of things you’ll hear frequently from the eco-warrior. Turn off-er of lights, buyer of eco-friendly washing up liquid, their dedication to the welfare of the planet is commendable (if not a tad annoying). They’re definitely a great person to live with, however -- no one else can decipher the recycling bin rules.

The Picky Eater

This housemate has some serious dietary ‘requirements’: vegan, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, fun-free. At first this might seem like a cry for attention, but you agree: you simply haven’t lived until you’ve tried a wheat-free low-carb vegan lasagne made with a list of ingredients you can only buy from Whole Foods. We’ve decided to find this housemate ‘lovably quirky’ – plus now we know the correct way to pronounce quinoa.

The Person That’s Always There

We think we’ve seen them leave the house… once. But maybe they were sleeping. We’re not quite sure why the allure of the outside world evades them, but it’s nice to have someone around all the time.

The Person That’s Never There

Antithesis of the aforementioned, we’re not always 100% sure we remember what this housemate looks like… or if they even still live here. You pass, occasionally, like ships in the night, catching enough of a glimpse to envy how exciting their life on the outside must be.

The ‘Mum’ of The House

May or may not know they’ve been labeled as such. Caring and sensible, this is the housemate that will look after you when you’re ill (read: drunk or hungover), console you when you’re sad, and make sure the bills are paid on time. Ever prepared for the ‘just incase’, this housemate has the hardest job of all… but we love them for it.

Every household has one -- if you can’t think who that is, it’s you.

The Social Secretary

Wanna go for a run this evening? Fancy some living room yoga? I’m cooking dinner this evening -- who’s in!? I’m just having a few people over tonight…

The social secretary is the lifeblood of the home, always planning things to do and ways to hang out. We’re not sure where they get the energy, but without them we’re pretty sure we’d just be a bunch of people who watch Netflix alone in their rooms.The Note Leaver

Who doesn’t love sticky notes? No one. Especially not the note leaver, whose fluorescent squares of helpfulness, well-wishes and passive aggression have become part of the furniture.

Written by Grace Waters

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