Old Oak FAQs – Everything You Need To Know About Co-Living at The Collective

Old Oak FAQs – Everything You Need To Know About Co-Living at The Collective

Given that we’re pioneering an entirely new way of living, it’s only natural that people have some questions. Curious about co-living? Here’s all the information you need about The Collective Old Oak:

What is co-living?

Ultimately, there’s no set definition for co-living, nor is there a blueprint for what a co-living community should look like. What unites any co-living project, however, is a desire to live in a more connected way with the people around you. It’s the pursuit of a way of living focused on creating a genuine sense of community; it’s about sharing a home, communal spaces, and daily activities. Pretty much everything else is open to interpretation!

With a thriving community of over 500, The Collective Old Oak is the largest co-living space in the world – and the first to open in London.  Featuring well-designed apartments, shared living spaces and daily member events, Old Oak is pioneering a new way of living built around connectedness. We are creating collaborative and fun environments that expose members to new people, new ideas and new experiences.

Who is co-living for?

If you’re a native Londoner, it’s your new scene. If you’re new to London, it’s your home away from home. If you're an entrepreneur, it’s your future network. Co-living is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to live!

Will I have my own private space?

Of course! Regardless of what type of room you rent, all members have their own private bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Studio rooms also have their own kitchenette; en suite rooms share a kitchenette with just one other room. There’s always the opportunity to socialise in one of Old Oak’s many communal spaces, but members can still retreat to the privacy of their own space whenever they like.

What does the price of rent get me at Old Oak?

At The Collective Old Oak, an all-in-one monthly bill covers everything: rent, utilities, council tax, wifi, cleaning (fortnightly room cleans and linen changes), and access to all communal spaces and community events. No hidden costs – no unexpectedly high bills at the end of the month!

To make things even more convenient, there’s no deposit to pay either: just a one off £500 holding fee deducted from your first month’s rent.

If you need help with anything, our onsite team are here 24/7 to make your co-living experience the best it can possibly be.

What communal spaces are there at Old Oak?

In addition to onsite amenities like a gym, launderette and supermarket, Old Oak features a variety of well-designed shared spaces for working, relaxing and socialising. These include a games room, spa, library, secret garden, roof terrace, cinema room and sports bar. For those that love to cook, there are also communal kitchens and themed dining rooms on every floor. Old Oak is also home to The Common, an onsite restaurant and bar.

What types of member events are there?

There’s something for everyone! We’ve had: yoga, exercise, and dance classes; breakfasts, brunches, and free drinks; potlucks; live music; networking events; guest speakers; boardgame nights; guitar club; code club; crafting events; open mic nights; festivity events and meals – and the list keeps growing as community members set up their own clubs and events! 

What type of people live at Old Oak?

There’s no real ‘type’ of person that lives at Old Oak. Since opening in May we’ve built an incredibly diverse and inclusive community, made up of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students, artists, performers, designers, developers, crane drivers, city workers, civil servants… you name it! But what our members all have in common are a curious mind and an ambition to live their best lives together.

How do I connect with other members in such a large community?

With all the member events that happen throughout the week, there’s always an opportunity to connect with the Old Oak community – around share interests or laidback meals and drinks. There’s also a Facebook group, where members can connect, ask questions, or suggest new initiatives, and where newcomers can introduce themselves.

Can I play a role in shaping the community?

Of course! Old Oak encourages its members to co-create the community – it’s part of the collaborative co-living experience. Since Old Oak opened, members have played a key role in shaping the community alongside management, making a number of suggestions that have been put into action. As Old Oak is located on the Grand Union canal, one suggestion was buying a couple of kayaks for the community – we did and they’ve become incredibly popular! Members have also taken the initiative to set up their own community events and clubs.

Every month the community managers hold a Town Hall for the community, giving members the opportunity to share any questions, comments or feedback with the team.

Can I have friends to visit and stay?

This is your home, so yes! If they want to stay in your room, they can do so free of charge. We just need them to sign in. We also have a couple of guest rooms (£50 per night) that can be used so your family or friends can have a room of their own when they visit you. Just speak to the front desk!

Is there 24/7 security?

Yes, during the day (8am-8pm) the entire team is on site. After hours, we have two dedicated security guards on-site who will be contactable in an emergency.

How well connected is Old Oak to the rest of London?

Old Oak is located in North West London (NW10). It’s a 10 minute walk to Willesden Junction or North Acton tube and overground stations, with access to the Bakerloo and Overground lines, and Central line respectively. Central London can be reached within half an hour.

Curious about co-living? Get in touch to arrange a tour of Old Oak.

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Written by Grace Waters

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