The Den Raises Money for Syrian Children

The Den Raises Money for Syrian Children

On Thursday 19th December, 11 teams of millennials assembled round the natural wood tables of The Den, nestled beneath The Collective HQ. All university graduates with a point to prove on their skills in a pub quiz. All taking part to raise money for the 7.5 million Syrian children affected by 4 years of war.
Fundraising started with per-player donations as they crossed the marble floors of The Collective reception before being plentifully topped up by 50% of all proceeds from the bar.

Across two rounds, with a half-time break for further refreshment, the quiz provided by Quiz1 tested the competitors’ knowledge of subjects from literature and astrophysics to cinema and sex-tapes.

The winning team proved to be well versed in these areas leading their nearest challengers by a comfortable margin.

The fundraising target of £1000 was met and many thanks are owed to the 70 people that took part.
The money raised will provide either:

10 families of 6 with their food needs for a month.
32 families of four with heaters to keep them warm for the winter
4 postnatal medical visits for 33 new mothers.

As winter puts more strain on the already overstretched camps in Syria the generous donations of those that took part will be gratefully received.

My personal thanks go to The Collective for hosting the event and to Nicole Zachariah, The Den’s community manager, without whose help the event could not have happened. Anyone seeking to make a contribution to The Collective’s fundraising efforts can do so here:

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