The Collective Foundation

Our foundation supports and sponsors good causes with investment and advice.

Through our charitable fund, The Collective Foundation, we provide proactive support to outstanding students, aspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

From work experience and apprenticeship programmes, through to subsidised living and working space, The Collective Foundation is a launchpad to turning dreams into reality

The Collective Fellowship

Our Fellowship programme provides students with an opportunity to gain experience and insight into the industries in which The Collective operates and holds expertise:

  • Property Development
  • Property Policy
  • Property Management
  • Property Technology
  • Design & Architecture
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Community Management
  • Brand & Marketing

At The Collective, we value innovative thinking and customer-centric leadership. We build and design spaces around the next generation. As part of the Collective Fellowship program, you are a key business leader tasked with a challenging priority project in one of our aforementioned business units. You are self-driven go-getter, able to analyze complex problems, and break them down into steps and build a structured, yet creative approach.

If interested in our longer fellowship timeline, you also have the option to rotate among our different departments to gain a 360 understanding of the industry - covering all aspects from development through to sales.

You are provided with mentorship from senior management and are fully immersed into The Collective team culture. This is an opportunity to contribute to some of the most exciting, game-changing developments going up in London.

The Collective All-Stars

At The Collective we believe in helping others obtain their full potential. The Collective All-Stars programme grants talents young adults free tenancy, so that they can continue to pursue their passions and not be held back by extenuating circumstances.

Each All-Star is evaluated based on their individual circumstance and need. We are open to every individual’s personal story and unique passion, as part of a contributing member of The Collective community.

Learn more about our first All-Star champion, Sierra Leone’s top sprinter, Jimmy Thoronka below.

A home for Jimmy Thoronka

After Jimmy Thoronka visited the UK to take part in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, like several of his Sierra Leone teammates, feared returning home because of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Following the deaths of several of his family members in the outbreak - he absconded in the UK. 

We recognised his plight and, along with many other people and organisations, volunteered to help. When we discovered that Jimmy was homeless, we offered Jimmy free accommodation in our Camden property. He lived with us for several months and was eventually offered a sports scholarship from the University of East London.

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The Collective Partnerships

We partner with brands who share The Collective’s passion for developing innovative, technology-enabled properties, delivering design excellence, promoting driven entrepreneurs, and supporting local businesses.

Ealing Council

We partner with Ealing Council - one of the most forward-thinking councils in West London.

Partnering with Ealing Council, The Collective has taken over management of the Doughnut Factory from Action Acton, to create an unparalleled work environment.

The Collective commissioned up-and-coming, fresh designers, Blee Halligan Architects to undertake a full refurbishment of the space. The new design balances functionality with unexpected, striking design and aims to unlock creativity and enhance productivity for its members. Building a sense of community is key to maximizing collaboration between businesses and creating the right atmosphere. An engaging events program for members at The Doughnut Factory will be curated, to cover both educational workshops, expert panel presentations and social networking events, to help businesses flourish.

We also partnered with the Ealing Council to sponsor the Ealing Bike Week with its focus on community, sustainability, and fun!

At The Collective, we are passionate about bringing people together and building communities.

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Wild Blue Cohort

We partner with Wild Blue Cohort -- a network of angel investors based in West London.

Together with Wild Blue Cohort, we are developing a co-working space in West London in which both investors and entrepreneurs alike will work aside one another.

Property management revenue from the co-working space will be reinvested into a fund to further invest into high growth start-ups in West London.

We believe this partnership will set a new precedent for local communities across all parts of London to come together with property companies, investors, and local businesses alike - to push forward positive change.

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